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S2U IP66 compact frequency drive with enclosure type IP66

Product code : ​BIẾN TẦN BONFIGLIOLI - S2U
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Power range from 0,4 to 18,5 kW 32 bit processor with advanced switching frequency, High starting torque (150% at 1Hz in vector control).Built-in PLC and PID functions. Fire mode function integrated. Integrated EMC filter.

Voltage: 200 V 
Power range: 0,4 to 2,2 kW
Voltage: 400V
Power range: 0,75 to 18,5 kW
Starting torque: 
150% at 1Hz in Vector control
150% at 3Hz in Scalar control
16 preset speeds
4 S accel. Curve settings
Fire override mode
Internal PLC function with ladder programing